The Voices of Those Affected (Episode #1)

We’re gonna listen to some testimonials from student loan borrowers who’ve been the victims of negligent business practices.

How Far Would You Go to Pay for College?

We’re gonna talk about the crazy things people do to pay for their college education.

COVID-19: Putting the Spotlight on High Tuition and Student Loan Debt

We’re gonna talk about the coronavirus and how it’s revealing the sick flaws of the US higher education system.

Other Paths that Lead to Success

We’re gonna talk about how you can still achieve success without college.

Student Loan Breaks for Congress

We’re gonna talk about how employees of the US congress are able to beat the system....at our, the taxpayers', expense.

Free Tuition - It can be done!

We're going to talk about how higher education in Germany works...and why they don't have to pay tuition.

Interest Rates Have Gone Up...Again

This week, we talk about why your student loan interest rates just went up...again.

Bankruptcy Laws & Student Loans Part 2

Last week on the “Why So High” Podcast, we talked about why it’s so difficult to claim bankruptcy for your student loans. This week, we’re gonna to talk about the effects of this.

Bankruptcy Laws & Student Loans

This week, we talk about why people can’t claim bankruptcy for their student loans.

The Military Gateway to Affordable Education

We’re gonna talk about whether or not the military should be a gateway to affordable higher education. In order to get first-hand insight into the matter, we talk to a U.S. veteran about his experiences.

Your Degree and its Value

We ask the question ‘how much is your degree really worth?'.

College Sports vs. College Education

We’re gonna talk about college sports vs. college education.

The Transformation of the American University

We’re gonna look at how the American University has transformed since the mid-20th century up until now and how this transformation has ultimately led to the absurdly high tuition costs that we pay today.

Intro Episode

This week on The whysohigh Podcast, we’re gonna tell you who we are and why we’re doing this podcast.